Pursuit of a Dream book cover“Vera Dowling’s extraordinary enthusiasm for and life long dedication to aviation, in wartime and peace, particularly her dedication to flight instruction have been of great benefit to Canada.”
—Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame

“I have known Vera Dowling for over 40 years. Reading this book is like sitting in her living room, listening to her tell her stories of flying during World War II. The author has captured her personality expertly.”
—Rosella Bjornson

“Pursuit of a Dream by Warren Hathaway is an explosive, compelling, often humorous, in-your-face account of the exploits of Vera Dowling. This new book recounts Dowling’s most memorable experiences, mishaps and adventures in her illustrious aviation career. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats as they join Dowling in the cockpit of many types of aircraft and face certain death time and time again. Hathaway, through decades of personal correspondence with Dowling, has written an entertaining and exceptional account of one of Canada’s most celebrated aviation icons. Pursuit of a Dream is a triumph—of perseverance, faith, and the human spirit to adapt and overcome any obstacle. This new book by Warren Hathaway will empower readers to follow their own dreams; it will leave them cheering.”
—Wolfgang Carstens

“Through Vera Dowling’s exciting story, history has been opened to me in a most informative and interesting way. What an exciting story. Awesome, truly awesome!”
—Anne Makarus